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    Product Testing - Paddling and Camping in the New Nano

    Mary We test our gear on a variety of levels. Our athletes and ambassadors are responsible for putting the latest designs and fabrics through the paces before we'll add a new product to our lineup. But just because something reaches our shelves doesn't mean testing is over. Once a new item shows up in our catalogs, our Customer Service staff gets busy ground-truthing the latest offerings. They know the questions our customers will be asking, and turn that attention to our gear.  


    Product Report: Nano Puff, Wool 2 T-shirt, Capilene 1, Gi II Pants

    Activity: Paddling and camping in the Colorado Rockies 

    Nano Tested by: Peter H., Patagonia Customer Service and resident gear tech-spert

    I went on a trip with Mary out to the Salida/ Buena Vista area last week for some kayaking fun and a chance to breath before the August sale. Weather was low 50s to mid 70's so really a great temp but we did have rain and thunderstorms most days. Not ideal weather maybe but great for product testing.

    I took a few items, some old and some new to play with and test. The most useful pieces I had were an old Supercell/ Rainshadow Jacket, and the new Nano Puff. The Supercell is  

    Petenano 7 years old and still going strong and with the pit zips and all I was able to stay pretty comfortable, though it may be time to Nikwax it as the shoulders felt a little damp during one heavy rain. I wore the Nano both with the Supercell and by itself and think it is a great camp weight pullover. I was comfortable in a Wool 2 T-shirt (this item nowMerino2 available as the Merino 2 T-Shirt) and the Nano on most mornings and only had to throw on an additional fleece once while waiting for the sun to crest the hill. I would say the  Nano is great for sitting around to the low 50's and should work with minimal layering down into the mid 40's with just a little activity. Certainly it was not as warm as a Down Sweater but also less bulk.

    I also took a Wool 2 T-shirt that was a great post- paddle shirt and held up well and was super comfortable. Gi II Pants are my standard camp pants as they dry fast and clean up well from Gi II camp spills. I took a few Capilene 1 tops to paddle in as I really like them under my dry tops. I have been using the Cap 1 Crew under my "shorty" to keep the sun off of my arms to keep them from burning. I like them when paddling but they seem to seriously hold stink and they become pretty toxic after a few days.

    [Pete taking advantage of the camp chill to enjoy the new Nano Puff. Bottom - A fine finish to a week of lovely - if not cool and wet - paddling in Colorado. Photo, Mary Osbourne.]

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