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    Fresh Hatch - The Fly Fish Journal is Here

    TFFJ_11_Cover When the fishing’s hot, there’s not much that can stand between you and the water. But we all know fall weather can be a fickle thing; moreso, even, than those finicky browns that have been spurning everything you toss all season long. Colder temperatures, cloudy skies, and an icy driving rain can make it hard to get out after spending a short-sleeved summer dropping dries onto the clear skin of sun-dappled mountain pools. Gone is the warm, and in roll the clouds. . . . Days like this, it’s nice to have something to ease the transition and keep you fired up. Enter The Fly Fish Journal.

    The team at Funny Feelings LLC just cast the first issue out there. Their press release describes this beautiful collection best:

    In development for nearly two years, TFFJ is a coffee-table and collectible chronicle of fly fishing's icons, environments, and culture of adventure. With the industry's highest quality printing, paper (100% recycled) and photo resolution, limited advertising, and clean, classic design, The Flyfish Journal stands apart from the herd. With an emphasis on the landscapes, people, conservation, and less on “Five Dynamite

    Caddis Patterns,” The Flyfish Journal lives on well after the others have been tossed. Our website is a creative café for contributors, readers, and the fly world at large to share tales, experience bits of fly culture, check out independent projects and to connect with the same level of quality as our print product.

    Proudly hatched this September 2009, Volume 1, Issue 1 of TTFJ features contributions from the likes of Dylan Tomine, Greg Keeler, Ben Marcus, Adam Barker, Chris Santella, Claire Chounaird, Tom Bie, Kirk Deeter, Tim Romano, Brian O'Keefe, Steve Duda, Bruce Hill and a host of others.

    Says Patagonia fishing ambassador, Mikey Weir: "I was a big fan of the Snowboard Journal, and I've really enjoyed Surfer's Journal and Frequency. It's cool to see a magazine of this magnitude for fly fishing. The quality of the publication is outstanding, the content is fun and interesting, and the photos, of course, are amazing. I'm stoked to have a copy on my coffee table."

    The hatch is on - Get over to or head down to your local fly shop and grab a collector's copy of Issue #1 before they're gone.

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