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    Just Visiting

    IMG_0684 We don’t keep a formal visitor log here at Patagonia headquarters in Ventura; we don’t keep a formal anything. But we do see a steady stream of students interested in sustainable business practices, journalists who come to cover various aspects of the company, environmentalists promoting their issues, and athletes visiting friends and giving their input on our technical clothing and gear designs.

    In recent months, we’ve also seen visitors from Wal-Mart intent on greening their company. We got a drive by from Tesla Motors, complete with test rides in their new fully electric roadster. And just the other day we were treated to a beer tasting by one of our corporate customers and favorite brewers, Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales.

    Over the years, we’ve received visits from many amazing people from all walks of life who’ve come to Patagonia for lots of different reasons. We’ve seen and heard authors, activists, athletes, scientists, politicos, and futurists, among others. Below you’ll find the names of some of the people we’ve been fortunate to spend time with – some we invited, some who just dropped by to say hello.

    Hit the jump for a partial list of some notable visitors, and links to find out more about their work.

    [A couple of guys from Sweetgrass Productions dropped by in early December to promote “Signatures,” their new backcountry ski film. Photo: Jim Little]

    Annieleonard_111309Aaron Feuerstein, owner Malden Mills
    Anne Lamott, novelist
    Annie Leonard, “The Story of Stuff”
    Bertice Berry, author & sociologist
    Bill McDonough, architect, designer, author
    Carl Pope, Sierra Club chairman
    Dale Velzy, “The Hawk”
    Dave Foreman, co-founder of Earth First!
    David James Duncan, novelist/essayist
    David Mas Masumoto, organic peach and grape farmer, author
    David Whyte, poet/author
    Doug Peacock, American naturalist, outdoorsman, author
    Elizabeth Kolbert, journalist/author
    Fred Beckey, mountaineer
    George B. Schaller, pre-eminent wildlife biologist
    Gerry Lopez, surfer
    Hunter Lovins, president and founder of the Natural Capitalism Solutions
    Jack Johnson, musician
    Jane Goodall, researcher, speaker, author
    Janine Benyus, natural sciences writer, innovation consultant, author
    Jim Collins, student/teacher of enduring great companies
    Jim Hightower, national radio commentator, writer, public speaker, author
    Kenneth Leach, expert in quality systems development and assessment
    Kennan Ward, wildlife photographer
    • Lance Craighead, Craighead Environmental Research Institute
    Marcus Buckingham, author/consultant
    Michael Fay, conservation biologist
    Mike Roselle, author and co-founder of Earth First!, the Ruckus Society, Rainforest Action Network
    Paul Hawken, environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, author
    Ray Anderson, founder & chairman, Interface, Inc.
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    PhotoSylvia Earle, oceanographer/Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society
    Ted Danson, actor/activist
    Terry Tamminen, former head of the California Environmental Protection Agency and cabinet secretary to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Terry Tempest Williams, author, naturalist, and environmental activist
    Timothy Treadwell, documentary filmmaker/grizzly man
    Van Jones, pioneer in human rights & clean energy economy
    Vandana Shiva, physicist, ecologist, activist, editor, author

    [Above, right - Just in time for the holidays, Annie Leonard, who created “The Story of Stuff,” presented her short film to Patagonia employees in late November. Photo Annie Leonard]

    [Right - Even government agents (especially government agents?) get a royal welcome at Patagonia. Photo: Jim Little]

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